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The GTC Group is a market-leader real estate developer with portfolios in Poland, Belgrade, Budapest, Bucharest, Zagreb and Sofia. Since its establishment in 1994, GTC has developed 68 commercial properties and 10 residential properties, and purchased 11 commercial buildings. Today, GTC’s real estate portfolio consists of 43 commercial buildings providing over 703,000 sq. m of office and commercial premises to be leased.

In addition, GTC has an additional 425,000 sq. m in the preparation phase in large cities of Central and Eastern Europe, 103,000 sq. m of which is currently under construction. The Group’s registered seat is located in Warsaw. Established in 2000, as member of the Globe Trade Centre S.A. in Warsaw, GTC Hungary is a key player on the domestic real estate market. During its 19-year operation, it has completed five large real estate investments in Budapest, and currently manages an office area of gr. 147,000 sq. m to be leased. GTC Hungary currently owns and manages the highest office building in Budapest, the Duna Tower, and Center Point and Center Point 3 office buildings, the GTC White House, the GTC Metro and the Spirál Office Building. The company is currently developing the 29,000 sq. m office space in Pillar Office Building to be let.

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The iconic office building of the 13th district offers spectacular views of the Danube, downtown Budapest and the green parks of Margaret Island. At 16 levels, high-quality offices are lined up on 31,500 sq. m, and on the ground floor there is a restaurant, a café, and an ice cream parlour. Duna Tower provides 420 parking spaces and 250 bicycle parking lots, but – due to its excellent location – it is also easily accessible by public transportation.


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Senior Leasing Manager
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